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Cheers to Creativity

As many of you are aware, I’m an advertising addict. I started my career at an agency in downtown Edmonton before working briefly at another design shop and eventually landing a short-term contract working client-side. I’m still very much entrenched in, and am an avid support of, Edmonton’s local ad club – The Advertising Club of Edmonton (ACE).

Last night I attended the annual Creative Roundtable discussion at Yellowhead Brewery, an event that gives individuals a “look inside the quirky and creative minds” of some of Edmonton’s top creative powerhouses. This year the panel was composed of the following talent:

Photo courtesy of @AdClubEDM
Photo courtesy of @AdClubEDM

I was surprised to see only one woman sitting on this year’s panel, and it got me thinking that women are under-represented in almost every industry. I consider myself to be a talented individual, but I struggle to communicate and recognize my own value sometimes – something I don’t think most men experience or think about when negotiating a promotion, a change in workplace or a salary increase, so it made me proud to hear Sarah say “I’d like to see more ladies at the top of creative roles.” – because it’s true.

Right to Left: Ryan Kenny, Mazi Javidiani, Sarah Jackson, David Landreth, Rob Jennings and Dennis Lenarduzzi


Overall, it was interesting and valuable to hear the range of responses and stories that were shared by the panel members. Everything from how to steer a client clear of a terrible idea (something I’ve had too much experience with in my short career) to how to break into the creative industry and set yourself a part was discussed – nothing was off limits. There were laughs, there was applause and most importantly – there was beer. I would encourage anyone interested in the creative industry to attend next year’s event…who knows, maybe I’ll be the token creative (yes, account people can be creative too…) woman up there!

To learn more about ACE and the upcoming ACE awards, click here or follow them on Twitter @AdClubEDM.

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